TECHTICK is the artist name of Rainer Kulow, Owner of FreshStarsRecordings.

He learned some instruments like guitar and piano, beside school his interest started doing electronic music in the early eighties.
In this times Programms like Soundtracker where the first tools to do techno or other sample based music, as other synthesizer where nearly not reachable.
As his job is a different then musician, music was a thing of spare time and experimenting without the
target to form some band or release music, it was more a fun thing to experiment and try things.

After creating tracks under different artist names, arround 2000 he changed to the name TECHTICK.
The name is a combination of Technologie and Technique that came close to his student time as engineer.
This was even so the time of starting with MIDI and DAWs doing music more professional.
After releasing some real successfull tracks on youtube and other portals, the idea of founding a label was close.
It started with a private label called "TECHTICK SOUNDZ" arround 2010, that was successful till some counterparties blocked this work.
After a break because of this attacks and concentrating on music for video and animations.
2015 the label "FreshStarsRecordings" was founded.

With new concepts a lot professional power and knowledge we collected over past years, to bring some new fresh music and fun to the listeners.

Music Videos

Just some little music videos to give a taste.

TECHTICK - steppingblue
Fresh Stars Recordings (c) Kulow Audio Production

TECHTICK - DUBFX Hardpunch Remix
Fresh Stars Recordings (c) Kulow Audio Production

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