Welcom to our Donation Page.

Donations are a way to refund costs of production, education and public/open work on free basis.
Its a way of paying for work not directly got bought but get used. like music, videos and knowledge.
Without help and refunding these costs, a lot work cant be payed, jobs get lost and work/music/media will not be available for the public in future.
So its mainly for this task but over all for a support of our work:

We dont get support or dont belong to any media monopol or groupe like many others, there for selling our music and work and donations are our only income.
Production of music and videos, produces cost so many 1000 are needed to finanze this work and time.

A little of everybody can help much, so each Cent is a big help.

Please donate here, or contact us directly.

Big Thx FreshStarsRecordings Team and Artist.