File upload:

This Site is for submitting and uploading
music, promotracks, tracks for remixing, mixsets, design to us.
We look for good audio and video work, can offer exclusive and nonexclusive buying, as well as artist signment and registrations.

Content and Fileformate:

Idea is to send us a package in zip format, use winzip,7z or windows zip for this.
Content should be:
Textfile with:
  1. Artist/DJ Name
  2. Legal Name
  3. email
  4. [optional, Adress where we can reach you]
  5. Comment, things you like us to know or tell
  6. Track or Tracklisting(Artist-Songtitel time)
  7. Rights(Exclusive/Nonexclusive/CreativeCommons/Free)

We have here a prepared file: FSR_UPLOAD_DISCRIPTION.TXT

Music File:
Means Audiofile in good quality in format mp3/WAV/FLAC, or video (mp4,mov,avi) or artwork(jpg,png).


This is for informative and promotion use, means no contract or any responsebility is given to and by us.
We look all rights are cleared and we know all parties involved first.

Our work:

We are label, here to promote, support, sign artist and commercialize music work of DJs and Artists.
So we will proofe or listen to it and will get back to you if we see a chance for working together or using your work.
We will not use things we did not clarify.
When all is ok, we can monetize music on plattform under our label, we can use music to create products,
this on an fair base under common rules of music industry.
We can monetize videos by uploading as Youtube Partner and offer 50% of income.

File Upload:

(we tested up to 900MB, should work upto 1GB. sending files over internet has always danger of 3parties, we work on a secure connection)

Upload File: