"Fresh Stars Recordings"

Label for electronic, modern, club, lounge and dance music and audio material.
Our work as Recordlabel is digital and physical production, selling and distribution of music to consumers, djs, clubs, bars and media.

Artists and Music, Audio

We sign different artists and music for our label and company and work close together with producer and audio studios.
All music and artists are signed, maintained and supported by our company and label and we have the right to work with.
All music is registerd by us or by thirdparty managers in the music industrie.

Music Sales and Distribution

Our products available and sold depending on traget media by:
Digital Distribution for download or streaming.
Physical Distribution on CD or Vinyl.
By selling nonexclusive rights for usage and reproduction.
This site is just profiding the sales for end consumer, for industrie or other questions please contact us directly.

As Music as product is our business, we have a shop music of other artists and Labels on CD or Vinyl available.
We just can sell others music digitaly when we have a contract for this.

Video and online Media

We work close together with video and media production company.
There for we provide our music and video clips for channels and online media.
This is used for promotion on our channels and for streaming license for 3 Party and media companies.
It is possible to use our media to place advertising by contract. For such interests please get in contact.

Offering our work as service

As we work close with the industrie, we can make mastering and production of CDs and Vinyl as well as digital distribution possible at low rates.
For any question please get in contact with our company, so we can workout an offer that fits your needs.

We buy music and rights

You have audio material and music you own all rights and like to sell, register or place on our label.
Fell free to contact and we will look if we can work out some contract.


The Label "Fresh Stars Recordings" is trademark, founded, owned and maintained by the Swiss Company "Kulow Audio Production", CEO Kulow Rainer.
The company specialized in Sound Engineering, Audio Design and Music, providing services, licencing, rights on music and promotion of audio material.
We provide this to our artists, customers, media and music companies and market.

All the best and Enjoy
Rainer Kulow
Owner, FreshStarsRecordings.com, Kulow Audio Production